Eh Priori /ˌeɪ praɪˈɔː.raɪ/


  1. the debating resource

  2. relating to or involving the study of debating

  3. a chronological account of the birth and development of a particular debating trend

  4. used by debaters to get higher speaker scores - compare: a priori


Word Origin

With over two decades of collective experience debating and adjudicating at over 100 tournaments all around the world, the team at Eh Priori knows a thing or two about the sport. They’ve coached multiple national championship teams at the schools level, winning all three divisions at the Secondary School Debating Championship, as well as the JC Nationals, and ACJC Intercollegiate Debate Championships.

The range of schools that have benefited from their coaching, include neighbourhood schools such as Kent Ridge Secondary, Loyang Secondary, Nanhua Secondary and Tampines JC, all of whom have managed unprecedented success by making national finals and winning championships, going toe-to-toe with traditional powerhouses, proving conclusively that debating is a not a sport reserved for the elite.

Reuben and Alfred are the only 2 coaches in Singapore who are professional full-time coaches, have won multiple championships with neighbourhood schools and still regularly debate at tournaments across Asia, with multiple finals appearances and speaker awards in the past few years. Their skills, methods, and yes, unorthodox stunts have withstood the test of time and are constantly refreshed through their fresh experiences in recent tournaments.

Ehpriori seeks to give back to the community, by providing a platform which shares their closely guarded secrets and strategies to the wider public for free.